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AOP Precast Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier for the precast concrete accessories with the full range of lifting anchor, lifting sockets and fixing sockets, precast anchor and plastic accessories in construction industry.

Our mainly products are Lifting Anchor, lifting socket,Fixing Sockets,Precast anchor,Scaffolds accessories,Plastic accessories, which are used in precast construction, scaffolds accessories, hardware engineering industry and aviation industry. We have established good business relationship with our clients in many countries such as United States, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand and Swiss etc.

We can arrange our production plan according to your demands; can offer you the goods from the raw pattern to the finished products; and supply samples and products according to international construction standard.

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You didnot find exactly products what you want? Please direct all inquiries via email to:, we perfer to customized your request.

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