Lifting Clutches

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Concrete precast lifting clutches are essential tools in construction for securely lifting and positioning precast concrete elements. These clutches are designed with strong, reliable gripping mechanisms that attach to lifting equipment like cranes. They ensure a safe and efficient lifting process, contributing to the precise installation of components such as walls, beams, and panels. Lifting clutches come in various sizes and load capacities, accommodating different concrete element weights. Their robust construction and careful engineering make them a crucial part of modern construction practices. By using concrete precast lifting clutches, construction projects can minimize risks, optimize productivity, and uphold stringent safety standards during the assembly of structures.

There are three kinds of fully spec lifting clutches products system in our AOP Precast to many precast plant. We produced three kinds of lifting clutches in three lifting anchor system. Our lifting clutches made by high grade 35CrMoF materials to ensure stable quality and high performance.

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