Magnetic Box

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A concrete precast magnetic box is a construction marvel that combines the strength of precast concrete with the convenience of built-in magnets. These boxes are designed to simplify installation processes for various applications. The embedded magnets ensure precise alignment and secure placement, making them a time-saving and cost-effective choice for builders.

These versatile boxes find use in a range of construction projects, including securing steel structures, machinery foundations, or even temporary fixtures. Their magnetic properties allow for quick and hassle-free positioning, reducing labor hours and enhancing overall project efficiency.

Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, concrete precast magnetic boxes are a valuable addition to your toolkit. Their ease of use, durability, and time-saving benefits make them a smart choice for anyone looking to streamline their construction tasks.

Item Code Size Adhesive (KG) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg/piece)
SMMB000450 MB0450 450.0 170 60 40 1.8
SMMB000900 MB0900 900.0 280 60 40 3.5
SMMB001350 MB1350 1350.0 360 90 60 5.8
SMMB001600 MB1600 1600.0 280 120 60 7.2
SMMB001800 MB1800 1800.0 320 120 60 7.5
SMMB002100 MB2100 2100.0 320 120 60 7.5
SMMB002400 MB2400 2400.0 420 120 60 8.0
SMMB003000 MB3000 3000.0 420 120 60 10.0
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