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Precast magnetic thread discs are innovative solutions revolutionizing construction and precast operations. These specialized discs, embedded within precast concrete elements, provide a secure and convenient attachment point for threaded lifting systems. Magnetic thread discs eliminate the need for traditional lifting sockets, simplifying installation and enhancing efficiency.

AOP magnetic thread disc is the best choose to fixing sockets inserts to steel formwork if your precast concrete mold is steel. It can reuse many times. AOP magnetic thread disc need a plane surface on the steel formwork. Oil surface will protect the magnetic thread disc. The sockets or inserts must be thread together, then magnetic force to steel formwork or mold. The magnet adhesion area must be clean and unevenness must be removed so that the adhesion force is not reduce. Any heating of the magnetic thread disc is not admissible, or the magnetic will be damaged.

Designed for reliability, these discs securely attach to the threaded inserts, ensuring precise positioning during lifting and transport. Their magnetic properties offer added convenience during setup, enabling swift and hassle-free installation.

Our extensive selection of precast magnetic thread discs is engineered for safety and performance, streamlining lifting operations and enhancing overall construction efficiency. Trust in our expertise to provide you with the perfect precast magnetic thread discs, prioritizing both safety and productivity for your projects. Explore our range today to find the ideal discs to meet your specific needs, ensuring the success of your precast endeavors.

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