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Precast shuttering magnets are a game-changer in the construction industry, revolutionizing the way we work with formwork and concrete. These powerful magnets provide a quick, efficient, and safe solution for securing formwork to steel tables. With their strong holding force and easy operation, precast shuttering magnets streamline the precast concrete production process.

At AOP PRECAST, we offer a wide selection of precast shuttering magnets designed to meet various construction needs. Our magnets are engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring they withstand the demands of your projects. Whether you're involved in manufacturing precast concrete elements or setting up formwork for architectural designs, our magnets provide the secure hold you need.

Choose AOP PRECAST for top-quality precast shuttering magnets that enhance your construction efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure precision in formwork placement. Trust us to provide the magnetic solutions that revolutionize your construction processes and boost productivity.

AOP Precast produced professional shuttering magnet for precast plant which use steel platform in their workshop. We have seven specs shuttering magnet export to many countries. The shuttering magnet will provide various shapes on steel platform to match construction design. The shuttering magnet is a reliable and strong products to fix wood or steel plate on the steel platform. The shuttering magnet is easy to move and change the shapes on the steel platform.

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